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Intenso Speed Line Review

At no more than $15, this USB delivers an under the market experience. Under the market when it comes to USB 3.0, that is. But it’s not that bad, really. It scores a read of 80 mbps, which is quite fine if you don’t count the write, which goes as high as 18 mbps. At any rate, we’ve yet to break the light barrier and we’ve barely broken the sound barrier, so there’s really no rush.

Intenso 1

If we go to the random 4k test, we get a solid 0.8 in write ( which is awesome ) and a 2.5 in read which is also awesome. But I’ve seen better. So it’s under the market line just in sequential. And I’ve had more uses for USB’s that way, rather then getting pictures on them.

Anyway, the design is pretty much what you’d expect : rectangular, pretty sturdy and sober. It’s your average USB that looks like an USB and behaves like an USB should. The only colour variety I’ve seen is black, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying there aren’t any other colours out there. Although, as far as I’ve seen in regards to this drive doesn’t go out of the line with artifices and innovation  of any nature.

Intenso 2

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