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Hama Probo Review

The Hama Probo has an under the average performance in terms of sequential read speed for a USB 3.0 drive. It’s sliding cap makes it an easy to use and slick device, however just as we’ve seen before, it does not protect from contaminants and in a dust ridden environment it could not last a year. But I doubt anyone would use this in a mill or something similar

Hama 1

As I was saying, the sequential goes as high up as 70 mbps with a read of 35 mbps which means you’d be getting good value for your money, seeing how the device is priced at $18 . This makes it go ( in terms of value ), above most devices which are under the average as  USB 3.0.

The Hama Probo 4k tests have revealed it to be one of the weakest tested : it only goes 0.1 mbps in write, which means you’re going to be waiting ages for your picture files to upload. The read is at 5 mbps, meaning you’ll get to see them slightly faster.

It seems flimsy in design ( I actually got the impression something was moving inside it when I shook it ) and it really makes me want to believe it is a safe device to purchase, not requiring my using the warranty every 2-3 months.

Hama 2

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