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Mushkin Ventura Review

The Mushkin Ventura’s only attribute to speak of is it’s size. This thing is the size of the USB port itself and I’m tempted to say I’ve not seen so small a drive for a good while now, if ever.  That being said, let’s go to the performance.

Mushkin 1

The Mushkin Ventura’s performance is poorer than a Greek under recession. If you sum up the sequential read/write you couldn’t reach the read of an average USB 3.0 . Ponder on that for a while. Anyways, the technicalities compel me to state it nonetheless: it goes as ” high ” as  65 mbps write and 24 mbps read. But wait ! It gets worse. The Mushkin Ventura performed horribly in the 4k random writes, having a read of 12 mbps and a write of 0.02 mbps. Did you read that? Read again : A WRITE OF 0.02 mbps. Auch. It pains me even to imagine what they were using when they tested this, and I seriously doubt the guy who put it on the market.

The Mushkin Ventura is priced at $38 for a 32GB and they market it as having an 120 MBPS read and 70 mbps write sequential, which is a horrendous lie. All in all, this drive is weak. I’m not even going to mention the device, since it becomes quite irrelevant under the circumstances, and I already mentioned it’s small. Small enough to lose, that is.

Mushkin 2

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