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Patriot Supersonic Boost XT Review

With 80 Mbps read and 19 Mbps write speeds, this one comes out as average on the market nowadays, especially for a 3.0 USB device. It is surpassed indubitably by more expensive devices on the market. There’s really nothing pretentious to it, apart from the design which makes it seem a bit sci-fi, which is ok in my book.

It is also pretty rugged and I’m fairly sure you could playfully throw it at someone’s head, hit a wall, and still work like out of the box. Also, it is really grippy, and that makes for another plus.

Patriot 1

Patriot advertises a 90 mbps read where they can, and the reality seems to be pretty close. Quite an alright device, all that taken into account.

Some people might dislike it because it’s so bulky and can’t easily be attached to things like key rings and all, but that’s not really something you look for in a USB drive, and part of the device being portable is it being resistant, and this one takes the cake for that.

All in all, this is money well spent for your average ” working class tech geek ” who needs a reliable device and is not thoroughly pretentious about it.

Patriot 2

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