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Bootable usb drive using Flashboot

Flahboot is a pretty straightforward method , you can download the program from here , or you can download this archive:flashboot-2.2d-portable.


              For this method you will need a usb flash drive (at least 4 gb of storage) , a windows DVD , or a  windows iso image file.

          1. FIRST you need to install the program .

usb flash boot

              2. SECOND after installation is done open the .exe file (aplication file).


              3.THIRD  click next.

flashboot 2

            4.FUORTH   Choose option CD → USB.


               5.You can choose to insert a windows DVD in your dvd drive , and select that , or you can choose a windows image file from you computer, like i did.

flashboot 4

              6.  Select the first line that says  ConvertWindows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation DVD , and click next. 7. Now select your usb device and click next.

flashboot 5

             8. Now you have the option to name you usb drive if you want to .

flashboot 7

          9. Click next , and then click format (be aware that this process will erase all of your files on the usb drive and will copy new ones).

. flashboot 9

         10. When the formating and copying is done click ok .

flashboot 10

           11. Thats all , your bootable usb drive is ready to use .


  1. Thanks for the guide. I have done it by using Windows USB/ DVD tool, but this tool is also awesome. thanks

  2. u r awesome thanks its working may God bless u

  3. Awesome tool it’s worked!!!! Thanks Bro!!!!!

  4. thanks you man… is work to win xp.

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