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Transcend USB Stick Review

Now, guys, Transcend really talks the talk when it comes to this flash drive right here. They claim impressive speeds of up to 70 mbps on a USB 3.0 piece of hardware. Does it really deliver? We’re about to see.

As far as the looks go, this one is really slick. It comes in neat black casing, really smooth. And I mean smooth. It’s so smooth, actually, that it’s hard to draw the cap on the bloody thing. Nevermind that. At least they didn’t stamp “ 3.0 “ all over the place like the rest of nowadays manufacturers. That, at least, is impressive. It’s 7cm long, 0.9 cm tall and 2 cm wide which makes for a really compact device when it comes to flash drives.

This 16 GB version was tested using the CrystalDiskMark benchmark, which is really quite comprehensive. It fared lower than I expected. Lower than they stated, actually. Transcend markets 70/20 mbps in terms of read/write speed, while with my test, it only went as high as 48/19 mbps. Auch.



In terms of random write tests, it went as fast as 0.3 mbps which is really just at the average of the market for flash drives.

With this in mind, go forth and buy. Or rather, wait for some more reviews. Maybe something else takes your fancy.



  1. The read/write speed also depends on the motherboard you use to benchmark the USB device with. If the motherboard supports it, and the USB device supports it, it’d be possible to read up to 650 MB/s with the USB 3.0 format, or 8 Gbps.

    • Test was conducted on a machine equipped with I7 3770K , 16 Gb of RAM, Windows 7, Asus ROG Maximus IV and Intel SSD.

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