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Lexar Jumpdrive S73 128GB USB 3.0 Review

When you say Lexar you actually say performance and quality at the same time. I don’t think there is a model produced by this guys that shows any sort of flaws. Having said so, S73 (128GB) is an attractive storage device which can be used for installing an OS or transferring files between computers. For 71,17 $ you get a 3.0 flash drive with adequate performances and great storage capacity.


The design is simplistic. You may see the oval shape with a switch in the middle that lets you cover and uncover the 3.0 connector. Like the S23 models, S73 comes with a different color for every  type of storage capacity, from the 8 GB design (blue) to 256 GB one (white). The device we tested was black. There is also a key ring loop so that you could attach the USB stick to your key-chain, backpack, etc.


Now let’s talk about the performance. If we were to take for granted what the producers say, the writing and reading speeds will be somewhere at 100 Mb/s read and 55 Mb/s write. I’m happy to say that this is a accurate estimation. It varies from a PC/laptop to another, but button line they are in the range announced by Lexar.

In conclusion, the S73 128 GB model offers the perfect set of features for a person looking to buy a USB flash drive that can put up with his high expectations.


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  1. The Lexar 128 GB S73 drive is a piece of junk. It looks and feels cheaply made and when you plug it into a Linux box… NOTHING HAPPENS.


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