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A Bootable USB program

This program is  easy  to use , it’s called A bootable USB and you can  download it free from here , or you can download this archive: A Bootable USB.


For this program you will need a usb flash drive (at least 4 gb storage), and a windows dvd or a windows iso image.

1. The first  step is to right-click the program and select run as administrator.

a bootable usb 1


2. Now you can eihter choose to install it or simply run it. Y will choose to run it . Check the box  with the License Agreement  , and click ok.

a bootable usb 2


    3. Now click ok on the help colomnn to close it , click check USB. Now you need to click options and mark the box where it says quik for quik format , and click ok to close to options column.

a bootable us 6


4. Now click format usb.


a bootable usb 3


5.  An autoplay will apear showing you that your usb drive has been formated. Just close the autoplay.

6 Now you can either chose to insert a windows dvd in you desktop’s dvd drive and click check DVD , and then start DVD , this action will copy all the files from you dvd to your usb drive and make it bootale.

a bootable usb 5


7.  Or you can click ISO Version, click open iso and navigate to your windows iso image file , be sure that it is an iso file , not winrar file , and wait for a couple of minutes .

a bootable usb 8


8. A  message will apear , click ok , and then click start iso.

a bootable usb 9


9. When the program is done copying just click exit , and thats all.


  1. Very Nice Tool.Easy and works good. :)

  2. Thanks for this post. You have given very easy methods

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