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Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 Review

Here goes this one, folks : the fastest drive I’ve tested so far, and I believe the fastest by Lexar, as far as I did test. This is another USB 3.0 that really lives up to its name. It goes all the way to being quite good in terms of a good money value ( they did not increase the price considerably since they’re last drive ) and tremendous sequential speed, which can only speak in its favour.

This 32GB version I had makes a very good drive for the on-the-run user, which emphasizes on both speed of writing and the size of the flash drive overall.

Lexar 1

However, it is most inconsistent as regarding the other results. You rarely get to see such a dependable USB who fares so poorly in terms of the random write test. Too bad. Perhaps a 64GB version might have done the job properly, but those seem quite expensive and, really, I see no need to upgrade the capacity ( which is mainly where the money is ) just to be able to upgrade the speed of my drive ” under pressure “, so to speak.

Therefore, if you believe you can transfer the ridiculous amount of vacation photos on your hard disk to this drive, you’d better think again. But if you plan to get your illegal version of ” Thief ” to some friend, go for it.

Lexar 2

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