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WiNToBootic bootable usb drive windows vista/7/8

 This method is very straightforward , WinToBootic is surprisingly easy to use , literally like 1,2,3.Wintobootic software,make usb flash drive bootable,install windows 7 from usb flash drive,boot disk creator,creation of bootable usb flash drive

  1. First you need a windows vista/7/8 .iso image file ; and of course a usb flash drive.
  2. Second thing you need the program WiNToBootic_v2.1 , you need to unzip it with wrar500 or any other archive program.
  3. Next run the program , there is no need to install it .31
  4. Select the usb flash drive , mark Quick format(this will erase all of your usb data, be sure there is no important files on the flash drive)
  5. Next click on the drop source arrow to navigate to you windows .iso image file , or simply drag and drop the .iso file.32
  6. Click Do it! , a message will appear asking if you are sure? , click yes, another message with farmatting warning will appear, click ok . 33
  7. The program will begin to format , flash and copy the windows files to the usb flash drive.34
  8. Click Thanks! ; exit; ALL DONE.


  1. it is excellent. thank you very much!

  2. This best for boot with usb
    than other smart boot

  3. so how to format it? and usb portable was installed windows can use for another pc to install ?

  4. Thanks for the instructions, but i’m computer stupid-lol. When do you put in the USB and when it’s done do you lose all data? All I want to do is to find my forgotten password. Is there a way I can tell how far the USB has gone into my files and stuff?? Someone please help me and thanks in advance. Lynn

    • Lynn i am not sure what you are asking. it needs to reformat the USB to properly install the bootable windows ISO. Reformatting will cause all data on the USB to be lost.

      This process is making a bootable version of windows that is comenly used to install windows or repair windows files. there are ways to recover your password with it that will not cause you to loose your information ( but your best bet if you get confused in the process is to find someone who knows more than you that can come over and help. and always set up a hint if you can.

  5. thank you so much…..

  6. how to make an iso for windows 7 and windows 8 combined iso file plz answer me +919026414628

  7. how can i get my usb back to normal pendrive?

    • Just format your USB again and you will have the “normal pendrive”.

  8. Of course, if it works as intended then it’s at the very least, a good, useful and competantly written piece of software.

  9. Perfect functionality. IT does what it is intended to do. However! The interface in my opinion is a bit confusing for newbies. The first thing is the label “source”. Now TECHNICALLY, The ISO file WILL be the source of WinX’s new boot installer and for a guy with over 35 years of commputer experience, I actually had to look at it for 5 milliseconds before I understood :). So I think the word “source” should be changed to “Windows ISO you want to Flash to your USB” for newbies or some such clarifier.. After all, you can’t assume a user’s level of knowledge and write software around that assumption, right? And, I also think that other drives in the pull-down drive menu (the target, of course), should not be visible but only true USB drives. For instance, one of the drive choices that nearly fucked me, was formatting my 3 Terabyte external! I know that’s VERY difficult to implement in code, however, some sort of internal filter should be provided to only shows drives up to about 128 GB or so. And, there should be warnings to DOUBLE CHECK the USB drive you’ll be flashing to.

    Besides that, it’s a utility who’s purity of function is right there for the user to take advantage of.

    Thank you!


  10. It this software has a “LOADER” that can make the OS genuine? PLease email me. Thanks a lot.

  11. Great Tool, finally an easy method! Thank you so much!

  12. how can download this

  13. WiNToBootic seems to be out of maintenance for some times. Now I move to use the freeware ISO2Disc.

  14. i have an Error Autorun.inf how to diagnose it

  15. its really good tool

  16. Can i make win xp bootatbe with this app?

  17. hey friends i m make windows 10 for iso file this softwares in possible?

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