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LaCie Porsche Design USB Key (32 GB) Review

LaCie Porsche Design USB Key is a good looking flash drive with an average writing and reading speed. For 50 bucks you get 32 GB USB stick, which can come in handy (it has a great capacity, a solid and slim design, software protection and two year warranty). Unfortunately, the amount of work they put in the design doesn’t seem to make the USB drive perform better, it makes it “shinier” so that people will buy it. On paper it sounds great, but it real life is… not so great. If you were to ask me i would say that is pointless to have a storage device that takes a few minutes to copy files.


Even though it has USB 3.0, it isn’t as fast as it should be. With 18 MB/s (writing) and 82 MB/s (reading) the device acts like it never heard about file copying ( it also hasn’t heard about “keeping it cool”, it heats up after a few minutes of usage). Luckily it found out about reading. If you need a device for accessing data, this is a pretty decent choice, but if you want something fast when it comes to file transfer then you should look at SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0, which for a few extra dollars (10$) offers a better capacity, writing and reading speed.


If i were to guess, 40 $ is the design and the other 10 $ are for the performance. The Porsche appearance is exquisite. The casing is made out of steel and it gives the device the level of resistance that it needs, but LaCie’s model isn’t about resistance, it’s about having a flash drive which can cause appreciation when you’re using it. In other words is about demonstrating value and not about making performance so i leave it up to you. Which one you think is better?

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