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USB Mobile WiFi - Amped Wireless UA600EX

This product is simply amazing for any mobile wifi needs. We have received this product for tests last week and all B.USB team just love this device. We have been able to get 80 Mbps from 160 feet away and two concrete walls. First thing first, when you buy this bad boy you will get a CD. Well, the driver from it it’s pretty useless so it’s a must to upgrade the driver first (simply go online and get the latest driver). The package comes with a 26 foot USB cord. A real heavy-duty cord, built for outdoor use, mostly. Because of this heavy duty cord, you will need to bend the cord a little to plug it into the device. Another strength point for this toy is that the device itself is weather proof. Adapter can be mounted on walls, it has a smart grip system included.

Mobile Wifi - Amped Wireless

When the installation of the driver is complete, restart the computer and plug in the Amped Wireless. You will get a LOT of signals from networks which are 250 feet away. Network signals which are usually at 20-30% now get 100% instantly. If you wish to get a solid connection and which doesn’t break up anymore, this adapter is well worth the ~$100 spent.

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