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Integral Crypto AES 256 Review

Here’s a tough nut to crack , people : the Crypto AES 256. An AES 256 encryption software isn’t news, but this one is made specifically for storing important encrypted data.  I guess that may be why they don’t have MAC or Linux support.

It’s available in sizes of 1 GB through 16 GB and it’s not available for purchase almost anywhere. That’s right! Integral decided they don’t need or want to market this themselves, so they rely solely on shop retailers. Pretty wierd, actually, since you’d think they really want to sell pieces of the thing.

Crypto 1

A most interesting feature  is the failsafe that will delete all contents upon entering the password wrong 6 times. Nice thing to have if someone decided to start working on all the combinations.

Anyway, with the AES 256 this drive has military grade security for your files packed in a neat casing.  Seriously now, the design is flawless.  Wish I could decorate my walls with them.

Finally, the password should contain 6-16 characters, letters lower case and upper case and numbers, which is pretty neat.

Therefore, this is thought in terms of security not transfer speed, ergo it doesn’t really matter  wether Integral managed to deliver breakneck speeds in data transfers.

So long!

Crypto 2

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