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Aegis Secure Key Encrypted USB Drive

Keeping your data very well protected will give you a higher comfort rate. With usual USB Drives, you could achive that but what if you can have all-in-one solution raising your data protection to a military grade? That’s why we’re going to review the Aegis Secure Key Encrypted USB, which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated ( FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standards) who meet the US government protection standards. Speaking of FIPS, this is the cryptography standard required by the US government for data protection.

Aegis Secure USB

Aegis Secure Key drive is encrypted in real-time with a 256 bit AES (hardware encryption) and you can use his alphanumeri keypad to enter your PIN (7 to 15 long PIN, before connecting the device to PC). It’s an excellent device to avoid keyloggers and other data capture software. Aegis Secure USB Drive is a software free piece of equipment. It doesn’t require any kind of encryption/decryption software, just plugin in the drive and start using it, of course, after you type your password. I was simply amazed by it’s simplicity. For example, the drive locks itself when it’s removed from the USB port. As a user you don’t have to press or do anything to lock the drive. Aegis USB Drive was tested on PC, MAC and Linux and each time the drive worked very well. I didn’t noticed anything unusual during the tests. The drive itself is very secured at a physical level with epoxy filled interior so it cannot be tampered.


However a few cons noticed during the tests:

- Rubber keys are very small so you have to type your PIN with care.
- It’s very sensible on power variations or interruptions even the smaller ones.

Operationally, it has been flawless so if you intend to buy this device I highly recommend it. The drive itself can be found in four flavors : 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB.

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