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Bootable Antivirus

Whenever you have some troubles caused by a virus, even if you scan your computer with a regular antivirus scanner may not solve the problem. There are a lot of viruses who hide themselves from antiviruses and malware scanners.  A bootable antivirus may be the key in solving this frustrating situation. A bootable antivirus will clean the system attacking from outside of the system and cleaning the infected files. Virus itself is not active until you boot the system as usual. Most viruses load themselves into memory when the system starts.

Rootkits usually hide themselves so the cleaning is a lot harder. Rootkits usually load on boot sequence even before the Windows components and can prevent the Windows from seeing it, can hide from the task manager process list, and can even use some sort of camouflage tricking the antivirus that there is nothing unusual.

Advantages of a Bootable Antivirus:

The most important factor is given by the solution itself. They are attacking the virus from outside of the system, giving them no chance to hide or trick the system or the antivirus scanner.  Basically there is no way that the virus itself to interfere with the scanning process.

Tools created to boot the system with their support and get rid of viruses, rootkits or other malwares are usually called “rescue disks”. You can rely on them whenever the system is deeply infected.

Nowadays many antivirus companies offer to their clients bootable antivirus software based on their products. Most of these tools are free of charge even if the solution was provided by a reputable antivirus company like BitDefender or Kaspersky.  Well, here are some of these solutions:

Avast Rescue Disk: Avast is offering free antivirus with generally a decent detection rate. Avast is offering the possibility to create a bootable antivirus disk or USB drive. You have to go in Tools – Rescue Disk option in avast! to create a bootable disk.

BitDefender Rescue CD: BitDefender is a Romanian based company with very good scores in many tests; they are offering the antivirus engine in a bootable form.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk: Kaspersky is also a reliable solution which offers its own bootable antivirus disc.

Bootable Antivirus

Well, using this solution is pretty simple. Just find the solution that fit your needs, write it on a disc or simply install it on a USB drive. It’s important to create this disk or USB drive on a clean computer. Plug the boot media on the infected computer and reboot using this disc or drive. When the computer will boot from the newly created bootable media, just follow the instructions from the screen and start the disinfection.

Bootable USB Scan

Now, all you have to do is to patiently wait for the scan to finish and see the report. Keep the newly created rescue disc somewhere, just in case you will ever need it again.


  1. can i use the avast bootable usb for our home theater ? it seems that our home theater got a virus. it wont play. do home theaters b infected by virus? thank you…

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