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Kingston DataTraveler G3 Review

Now look at this one, folks: the DataTraveler G3 ( that’s Generation 3, not 3.0 compatible ). So, another USB 2.0 flash drive ( but that’s ok, because most other devices aren’t 3.0 compatible yet ) , and a really good one at that.

This one comes in 4 available sizes : 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB; and depending on the colour you can have a red, a blue, a yellow or a gray flash drive. Pretty neat in terms of diversity.

Even further as the looks are concerned, it has those neat rubber bands on the side and on the top for extra grip ( and you know already I’m a fan of grippy flash drives, since I lost 2 of them just by dropping them in my room ). And, by the way, those grippy rubber bands and the key ring attachment are the only things that change colour.

Kingston says this one delivers up to 10 mbps read spead and 5 mbps write speed and this time, as far as I’ve seen they really deliver. But that’s not really impressive now, is it? Although I’m pretty sure those numbers are only accurate for the 16 GB, since I’ve read and heard some complains about the 8 GB and the 4 GB.

At any rate, it comes with a full five-year warranty so at least you can make sure it stays alive, if anything.

Traveler 2

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  1. Data traveller 16 gb G3 pen drive are bootable or not.

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