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Transcend Jetflash 380G (16GB) OTG USB2.0 Flash Drive - Gold Edition Review

There seems to be a high demand for hybrid flash drives, if so many have appeared recently. Transcend Jetflash 380G is another On-To-Go USB stick that as it hit the market it also hit rock bottom. Besides the let’s say usable aspect, which may of been made of gold and still won’t be worth it, there is no reason to buy this device. Why? Because 14,76$ for a storage device with such low performance rates seems like a lot to me.


The design is very simplistic. It measures 28.1 mm x 12.25 mm x 4.5 mm and weights 3.2 g. The front side, as you can see, has the Transcend logo inscribed, while on the back side the capacity of the drive is printed. The color is gold-like and the cap, which covers the microUSB connection, is black. The PC connector is opposed to the tablet/smartphone one.


The sequential rates… and I’m as polite as I can when saying this, they suck. I think I had a flash drive with the same performances back in 2005. The reading speed is 19 MB/s and the writing one can go up to 7 MB/s. Transcend Jetflash 380G, remember the name so that you know what not to buy when shopping for an OTG flash drive.

I can’t understand what the manufactures had in mind when designing this product, i can only understand that i have no need for it.


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