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Kingston DataTraveler G4

Alright, USB 3.0 from Kingston, that should be good, right? No, it is average.

Now, as we’ve seen, some drives which are rated as average fail in many points. This one is pure and simple not made to shine. Rather, the manufacturers forgot that USB 3.0 should perform above 2.0 in every respect. I’m not saying this one performs as a 2.0 drive ( it performs as a good 2.0 drive ) but that doesn’t cut it.

At 78 mpbs read and 33 mpbs write, it’s close to being a bad 3.0 but an excellent 2.0 drive . Sequential seems to be forgotten by Kingston these days, as it appears that random 4K is, again, better with 7.5 read and 0.4 write. People do tend to do that on 4GB or 8GB drives, but on 16GB or higher it becomes obvious that sequential is the purpose and you should focus on that, if you plan not to release any smaller versions.

G4 1

You can attach it to your keychain, although I wouldn’t do that because the attached ring seems quite flimsy and you might even lose it.

No matter, the price goes as low as $20 so it’s quite alright in terms of money value. But adding a different value to the money doesn’t quite seem to make it in this case.

G4 2


  1. Be aware, that there is a problem with this drive if you try to use it as a windows installer from usb. After you reach the point at which you choose a partition or drive to load windows onto, a fault with the datatraveler prevents this and causes an error - this wasted many hours of problem mining and solving for me. Mine is the Kingston Datatraveler G4 16GB. I hope this save others some time.

    • I’ve seen the same thing with this drive. Some of them work, but others do not. I can’t find a reason why this is.

    • For me same problem. i changed windows instaler, laptops, rufus, windows bootable usb and nothing. Mine is Datatraveler G4 16GB.

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