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Super Talent Express RC8 Pendrive

Another Super Talent pendrive, this time the Express RC8 comes in for the public. Well, this is a really good usb flash drive and no one can say otherwise. Comes equipped with a SandForce controller, which means in this particular case that all eight channels can be populated


For this usb flash drive, Super Talent has chosen the SF-1200 controller which is quite the old controller, but! it actually makes for greater portability. Before someone says anything, I’m just going to put it out that the newer versions are actually bigger. And portability is actually the physical trait that most people look for in a usb flash drive. To further add to the ” physicalities “, the cap can be safely inserted on the other end of the pendrive to eliminate the risk of misplacing it. Oh, well.

Moving on to the speed of the pendrive: it’s really good. In read tests. It gives out a close to 22 mb in 4k read with Crystal DiskMark and horrific 1 mb in write, depending  highly on how easily the data can be compressed. Sad but true, it only gets as far as 40 mb write sequential and that’s just wrong. In read, it performs slightly better, getting as far as 93 mb.

In the real world, though, it fares better, therefore leading me to believe that it is still a good acquisition as a usb flash drive.

RC8 2

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