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Sony Micro Vault USM-P Review

Gather ‘round people, for yet another USB review. This one, the Sony Micro Vault USM-P, is more about the style than the functionality.

It has a lid that slides in and out as  you press the back end, just like your average ball point pen. However, as you might expect, the lid does not cover the flash drive entirely, therefore you can have all sorts of things go into the USB connector which is pretty bad. It can get covered in dust and we all know that if any water seeps through its over.

Sony 1

The entire back end of the thing lights up like the lights on grandma’s Christmas tree when you connect it to a Windows PC ( that’s right, no Linux support ), a PC with a 2.0 USB ( also, not forward capable ). Also, while it was designed to be easily attached to a keychain, Sony states that it isn’t durable enough. So, another feature just for the design.

What makes it special ( at least to Sony, I think ) is the fact that they make available a slideshow software so you can create said slideshows directly with the music and the pictures you put on the drive.

I’d give this one a 5 ( although I don’t usually rate them ) only because it exists on the market, it in itself having no specific feature that would do it justice.

Sony 2

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