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Toshiba TransMemory USB Flash Drive

Toshiba is well known as being a respectable brand name when it comes to computer products. I was curious about their USB products and last week we have received the USB flash drive from Toshiba. It’s a Toshiba 16GB TransMemory USB 2.0 Flash Drive, a well known model on the market. When I first connected this drive to my computer, asked if I want to install the security software that comes with it. This type of protection is not even nearly comparable with Aegis Secure Key but it’s a start for some of you guys who doesn’t care so much about security and files privacy.

Toshiba USB Flash Drive
The flash drive itself is not very impressive compared with the newest USB 3.0 models with the same capacity, but it can be a good companion if you don’t ask for lightning fast speeds.
What makes this drive stand up in the crowd is the Toshiba 2 years warranty, no matter what. Basically, you will get a replacement if you encounter any kind of problems with your drive.  If you are an average user of the USB Flash Drives, this model it’s a match made in heaven.
PS: Yes, nobody cares about your files dude, if you encounter any problems you have to take the replacement and shut up :)

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