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Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy USB 3.0 (32GB) Flash Drive Review

I always hated when my flash drive got viruses. I had to scan it and sometimes a few important files needed to be erased. But that was a long time ago. Now there’s a specific device, with extra security and incredible performance rates, called DataTraveler Vault Privacy Anti-Virus 3.0, which scans every document before it’s being copied to the USB memory stick. What’s even better, is that this product has an enforced password protection who, after ten intrusion attempts, reformats the drive. You won’t find a lot of security USB programs with this of “commitment”


Let’s start with the design, which is not out of the ordinary. I remember having something like that in 2007. What’s great about it though, is that it’s durable and thanks to the aluminum casing it’s waterproof. On the front side we can see the Kingston logo with the ESET one down under, while the capacity is written on the right side of the drive. On the backside you may see the model’s name along with some assembly info. As you can observe in both pictures the blue cap, an important part of the waterproofing mechanism,  unveils the 3.0 connector.


Having a 3.0 connection, the sequential speeds go off the roof. The reading speed goes as high as 282.6 Mb/s and the writing one scores 104.6 Mb/s. Until know all things are good aren’t they? Resistant design, pre-installed anti-virus, good performances, perfect security. Well they should be so if you chose to pay 149,99$ for this flash drive. Other 32 GB storage devices go for 1 maybe 2$ per GB, but DataTraveler Vault Privacy has a rate of 4,68$ per GB

Is it much? It is, but if you were to ask me “Is it worth it?” the answer will be the same.



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