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Busbi Bolt Review

The Busbi Bolt is weak, even for a micro USB. It should be a micro USB 3.0, for Chris’ sakes! At any rate, the bottom line is I wouldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t buy a micro USB to begin with, it simply doesn’t seem to be needed in today’s world and most certainly wouldn’t fit my needs.  In terms of design, the Busbi is neatly packed in its tiny little package, being less than 2 cm in width. It also has a blue indicator light. But it’s solidity is only given by the fact that it has every component crammed in there like there’s no tomorrow. Imagine dropping it on one of it’s corners and you’ll get the picture of what’s happening.

Busbi 1

That being said, the speed is horrible : 55 mbps read and 25 mbps for a USB 3.0 drive? That’s even lower than an average 2.0. And that’s sequential , the 4k random write looks like this :  12 mbps read and 0.08 write.  How does that look on its resume ? Seeing how it fails in those fields, I’d not stake my money on it,  even if it is $30. Wait. $30? Holy Christ, mates. Steer clear of this one, else you won’t be gettin’ anything but a key to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Busbi 2

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