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Install Windows or Ubuntu from usb drive using Rufus

Rufus is one of the best and easiest programs for creating a bootable usb .

It can create a  windows 7/8 or even xp or ubuntu bootable usb drive very fast and very easy because of its defalt settings . Its execellent, fast and very practical .

Rufus USB


You will need a usb drive (at least 4 gb ) and a windows or ubuntu iso file .

First download the rufus program from here , or you can download this archive:rufus_v1.4.3 .

There is no need to install it , just double click it and select yes or no for update search .

ruf 1

Now select your device volume label.


After that click the drive image to select the windows or ubuntu .iso file.

Rufus   Rufus USB


You dont need to make any changes, if its a windows .iso it will automatically select the NTFS file system and if it is a ubuntu it will switch to FAT32 .

Click start , a mesage will appear  saying that all of you usb data will be deleted and the usb formatted .

If you have any files on your usb now it is the last time you can backup them.

Click ok .

Rufus Windows       Rufus




The program is very fast. It will require only about 4 minutes to finish, depending on the speed of your usb drive.



Click close .




  1. wow thanks alot, this is really simple and faster than others !

    • tnx bro…. its working

  2. utimate solution

  3. wow, Rufus is the best so far !!

  4. thank you is very easy……..

  5. thanks sir its amazing method without using cd-rom one can easily install windows…..

  6. it shows BSOD 0x0000007B, may be storage drivers can not integrated

    show any solution if possible

    • There seems to be a serious hardware problem with a hard drive controller or a driver issue.

  7. Thanks a lot mate. You saved the day!

  8. bro can i make bootable usb using window xp using these steps ????/ plz reply

  9. nice work dude !!! tnks

  10. gr8 10q m8
    workin’ like a charm

  11. ”Iso image can’t be extracted.” Any help?

  12. Perfect. For some reason the other USB ISO burner crashes, but this one runs perfectly.


  13. Yes, this saves you having to remember all those Diskpart commands. Btw, there is no point in formatting to NTFS for Windows unless your WIM is bigger than 4 gigabytes.

    A nice feature of Rufus is that it gives you the “boot from usb” message like you get with CD/DVD. With diskpart formatting, it doesn’t do that and you have to be quick to pull out the usb drive before the 2nd boot, unless your computer has a boot menu.

  14. thank u
    you helped me to solve my problem by this program

  15. Thanks. It was really fast and perfect to make boot-able device. Keep up the good work.

  16. So my initial set up was defaulted as FAT, not NTFS. I’m a PC moron so bare with me. I changed Rufus to NTFS. Everything ran correctly; however when I loaded the windows ISO on the flash thru Rufus and rebooted the system did not recognize the bootable drive. Any idea why? When rebooting I hit Del to go to boot and the. Selected removable drive and it came up with nothing. When I don’t hit Del it just goes right to my org windows home screen. No booting. What am I doing wrong?

  17. Hello. Thank you for the guides you’ve written. Can you please tell me which program is better: Rufus or WiNtoBootic? They both can create bootable USB flash drives, but which one is better to keep? Thanks

  18. dear sir in my laptop no dvd drive. i am save window 7 in hard disk local drive d:. and i was create a bootable pandrive. so how can i done remaining prosess???

    • just make your usb device bootable then copy all files deom hard disk and past into usb drive.

  19. Worked perfectly. Thanks

  20. This is a very simple using rufus

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