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Leef Bridge (16GB) Review

I don’t know about you, but in this full of technology world, i am always in a position where i have to transfer files from a smart-phone to a laptop or PC. Leef Bridge¬†is one USB storage device that tries to solve my problem. It has both USB and microUSB connectors and for the price of 17.99$ you get 16GB of free space, which isn’t much,but “much” usually means only one type of connectivity (USB).


As you can see in the picture, the design is not what you would call innovative. It’s a little different then any other flash drives on the market, having the microUSB connection at the back end while the USB one is at the other end. The cover slides both ways so that you can expose every connector and also protect the two of them at the same time. It measures 0.94 x 2.2 x 0.36 inches (HxWxD), which creates a problem because, while i was testing the storage device, it blocked the neighboring ports of my laptop.


In the beginning of this review i said that this flash drive tries to solve my problem. I used “tries” because it has really poor performance and it also doesn’t work with every android device. The writing speed goes up to 8.6 MB/s while the reading one hits 17.8 MB/s. Even though the manufactures build a product which can have a great area of usability, the extremely low performance makes you wonder if the USB cable won’t be a better choice (in terms of transferring files from a laptop to a smartphone or vice versa).

Another device that tries solving the same problem is PhotoFast i-FlashDrive (16GB), which has better reading speeds and a Ipad/ Iphone and Mac connectivity, but it will cost you an extra 150$… So, i don’t know if this type of USB flash drives should be a must have, considering that a USB cable can do a better job.


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